Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 5

OK, no pictures... very slow internet here.  It was SUCH a day!!!  So hot and dry, then  when got out of the car East of Kansas City i found humidity!  Too!! 
Lessons learned today was that when the road sign says "South" that is what it means, not just that you are in the South.  Went 30 miles out of my way. so had to back track, but when i did that was able to get pictures of the Quilt Barn i had missed.  Also crossed the Missouri River, BIG River.
Stopped at a fruit stand and just wanted 2 peaches, LOVE those Missouri peaches and they would not sell me two, had to buy a quart of then in a basket for $7, so did not get any, am missing them now :)  But that many would have just rotted b4 i got to eat them.
Went to McD's and got a side salad and ate maybe 4 leaves some of the carrots and the two grape tomatoes, also some of those new spicy mini chicken bits, oooo, ick, don't bother, they are SOOO spicy and covered in that batter/spicy stuff, ate about 4 of those bits and that was it... so to eat a quart of peaches b4 they went bad would be a stretch for me....
Am at an Econolodge in Chillicothe, MO.... not as nice as last night, Luci peed on the floor, 1st thing, that tells u what she thinks, she has not done that at all lately, Brian is doing a good job of finishing off her potty training..  :)
and yes, it is STILL hot!!!
Take Care All


  1. Had to laugh about Missouri being the south. You need to get down below the Mason Dixon a ways. Then you are in the south. :-))

  2. All I can say is, try to stay as cool as you can, Loree!