Monday, July 30, 2012

Door County

 We went to a shrine near Dyckesville...we are grateful for all we have!!!
 The weather was great, we both got a little sun, altho i tried to wear my HAT to keep it off my face :)
 Drove straight to Washington Island. Seemed to take forever to get there.  The ferry was very small and fairly expensive when compared to the Washington State Ferries in Puget Sound!  AND it was rough in the strait between the Island and the peninsula of Door County.  But it has a long  history of rough weather.  It was Called 'Death's Door' by the French... left off the death and got Door Co  :)
See the little silver Element?  With Oregon License?  That is us!!! People in Mineral Springs asked us if we were lost? That the Northwest was a ways away.  Haha
Here is a ferry coming from the opposite direction. There were lots of people out on the water doing various activities, mainly fishing.  So got to see Green Bay and Lake Michigan today.
 The leafy corridors and roads on the island were wonderous and beautiful!!!  Really Green... We explored all around.
 This was the Lake Michigan side.  We never could figure out how to get down on to the beach, Most seemed to be private property with houses alongside or no road or paths down there.

We stopped at a lookout near Ellison Bay i think it was, we were high on a cliff with a view across Green Bay and thunder in the distance, clouds building up, will have to do a collage to get all the pics i took of the clouds, got some good ones, but this post is running a bit long. Can't cover it all in one day.  We saw lots of things, beautiful views, crowded little towns, old, old houses and barns, LOTS of people. Neither one of us really likes all the people about and would rather see sights and country.
This was the strait in Sturgeon Bay. Lots and lots of boats, seems this is a boaters and sailing paradise.  We ran into weather on the way back..almost ... to Green Bay. Rained so hard had to pull off to the side of the road on an off ramp.  I MEAN it was REALLY raining, hard....
There were still lots of farming in Door Co and lots of orchards!!!  Joseph Zettle came in 1858 and started the 1st commercial  orchards, which did really well, then got together with University of Wisconsin and found that Door Co was suited to fruit trees,  planted cherries, apples and plums which do really well here.  They are even going into grapes and there are a number of wineries.  :)
We had a really great day, but lots of driving and sun and we are tired puppies...
Take Care and God Bless


  1. We really do need to make a trip out that way. Have never been there. But I'm with you, all those people would just do me in. Thanks for putting up with them for all the great pictures.

  2. I was wondering if you were going to hit some of those thunderstorms moving through the GB area. Safe travels as you go north!
    What did you think of Washington Island.

  3. I am so glad to hear that you and Carol survived Death's Door and arrived safely in Door County. I am enjoying your adventures! :)