Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fond du Lac, WI

 When on the way thru Dubuque we stopped at the zipline to see what was what with that, looked good and we will make reservations when we get back.  It is at a YMCA Camp, this chair was sitting near the entrance, we could not resist!!

 Our self portrait picture !!
 This barn was in Pendarvis, a State Historical site, neat mineral springs, WI, lots of cool old houses and barns
 Look they took care to have this over the door and each window, but why did they just let it go? Someone took time to do this and had some artistic talent, who was he??
 This is Lake Michigan, the water was a beautiful color.  We were hot on trying to find a place to stay and did not linger too long, was about 6pm that night and everyplace was FULL!!  Went thru Madison by Brewers field, they were having a game.  To Milwaukee & Sheboygan.  The Miller Brewery is NOT open on Sunday.  Had thought we might go on a tour there :) But tomorrow we are on the way to Green Bay and start on Door County.  Also want to go on a tour of Lambeau Field.

Madison, capital of WI. this is the state capital.  while winding around the streets down there, lo and behold what did we see but a VERY bronzed gentleman riding a scooter wearing only a g-string and a short cape, just whizzing by!!!  Did not have time to get the camera out or even up!!! Was in total shock, everyone else was dressed really nice.  since he was SO bronzed, everywhere, one assumes this is normal practice for him  :)
The sunset was wonderful!!
Take Care All & God Bless!!!

Found a motel in Fond Du Lac and tomorrow will go to OshGosh byGosh and on to GreenBay.  See Lake Winnebago!!!


  1. You ladies look so tiny sitting in that big chair. I'm enjoying seeing the pictures of your travels!

  2. Wow, that chair really does make you look small. I'd feel like a little kid, sitting in that. Nice photos, especially enjoyed the sunset.

  3. You'll be up in 'Karen in the Woods' territory. :)

  4. Glad you are enjoying the adventure....very jealous you are going to zipline on the way back!

  5. Remember Laugh In? You guys remind me of the little girl in the big rocking chair..."my name is Edith Ann..." I think it was Lilly Tomlin. I wouldn't have been able to resist the big chair either.