Sunday, July 29, 2012

Green Bay, WI

 Vince Lombardi, great coach of Green Bay!!  Got to see Lambeau Field.  Not that i am a Packers fan... BUT it is thrilling to me to see these great ball fields and be in places that u see on TV all the time.
 The inside of the Atrium.  They have a great Gift shop.  We opted out on the tour, as we want to devote most of out time and money to Door County & the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  SO we could not even see the field unless we went on a tour, which i thought was kind of pissy seeing as i spent a TON for souvenirs. HAD to have a T-SHIRT!!!
 Even the bathrooms had Packers pictures in it!!! Quite a difference from what they wear now-a-days huh?

We saw this truck in one of the little towns.  We often get off the freeway and go to the down towns of the little towns, just to see what there is to see.  Things were all closed for a Sunday!!! Yet did not see the churches with full parking lots, weird.  There were quite a few people out on the lake tho.  Talked to one guy and they catch Perch and Walleye.  It was noon and he was already coming in.
 This was especially cool to see. Old sign and interesting topic, eh???

Below is a better picture than yesterday and is Carol and I in front of Lake Winnebago!!!
Here is Lambeau Field, the house that Lombardi built  :)  they even have Lombardi street running in front of the stadium.  We did not go so far today, found a place last night to stay at today and got checked in by 4pm, so lots of relaxing tonight and maybe a dinner at a decent hour....


  1. Like the picture of you two. It's wonderful to hear what a great time you are having.

  2. That is a really good pic of you two! It is so great you two can travel both the interstate and back roads and towns of Wisconsin!

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  4. Now your in my neck of the woods. The gift shop is a bit pricey. Shopko department store has a lot of Packer stuff a lot I tell you!! Enjoy Door County, I can't wait to see your photos. Its been a quite a while since I've been up there. Make sure you take the ferry to Washington Island. Safe travels, enjoy our
    'down home' state.

  5. You gals look like you're having a great time!