Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 6-Central Iowa

 Well, i drove around and saw Iowa today!!  sometimes i wonder at myself, if i was a blonde in prior life or what.  Don't know how many times i got turned around, You know there are NO mountains to look up and orient yourself with!!! That is my excuse :)  Went to Wick, IA where my maternal Grandfather was from and my Mother lived for about 6 years of her life (after being born in Miami, FL...long story)  The cemetery there is named after the family.  I was there once before but wanted to return. It makes me feel good to pay homage.
 Do you all know what this is???  It is placed on men's graves who served in the Union Army during the War Between the States, as one of my ancestors did.  Stands for Grand Army of the Republic. This time i noticed they also had one on my Uncle John's Grave for World War I... He was in the Navy and passed in 1932.
 Don't you LOVE Iowa??? Corn, blue skies and fluffy white clouds.  We will say nothing about the heat and humidity.  I did stop at some campsites at Red Rock Dam, but the heat, oh my gosh!!!  The camp grounds were all empty, heat or beginning of the week??
Made a collage of barns seen on Hwy 65.. cool huh???
Well tomorrow should be at my destination, go east a couple miles and will hit the Mississippi, then will have a guide of at least  to go no further THAT way.  Do you think i am getting too old to be doing this, if i keep getting lost?  At least i find myself again and in my defense, signs are few!!!
Take Care all, stay cool!!!


  1. Ah, Loree, in every case you were only temporarily lost. That doesn't count. You were just "exploring"!

  2. Carol is absolutely right. Remember 'all who wander are not lost'. :-)

  3. We are near Antigo. You will love Door County, it is just beautiful there. I doubt if you will get near us going from Door Co. to the U.P. If you have your passport and want to take a beautiful road trip, I would suggest driving around Lake Superior (The Canadian side) From Saulte St. Marie to ThunderBay or reverse. Best kept secret in the midwest!!! If you do near Antigo let us know, we can make arrangements to meet!

  4. Love your barn collage!! Sorry I couldn't respond via e-mail. I messed something up!!! But let me know if your travels get near Antigo or Wausau. Wausau is north of Madison on hwy 39/51.

  5. We are in Iowa too ! Not to worry much of the state looks the same :)

  6. It seems I get lost quite regularly too, and I don't think it has anything to do with me being a blonde. At least I used to be a blonde, now I'm a Q-tip. :)

  7. That "Wallace" cemetery is interesting.... I'm still working on my Dad's family history... but don't think any of my Wallace's lived in Iowa... oh well. Nice collage of the barns... No "Mail Pouch" there, huh?