Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 I like having a wreath on the front door.  Got this at JoAnn's for 70% OFF!!!  YES!!! Only $12...  Also LOVE a good deal!!

Here is the casting pond for Orvis
Went for lunch with the ladies today, Here is Carol in front of FlatBread where we ate.  It was good!  They even have these little pizza's you can get, I had soup and half a salad.  Ate half the tomato bisque and the chicken & grapes out of the salad.... I am a cheap date for sure...

This is in the Old Mill District in Bend, it is a really nice little shopping center along the Deschutes River where the old mill used to be for many years, until logging in Oregon went baggers up due to environmentalists. Mills shut down, jobs and livelihoods lost. Sad days in Oregon.  Ours was a family raised by logging for 2 generations.
But the developers did well by this property. If u like high end shopping and densely packed offices and apartments.
Take Care all & God Bless


  1. Love your new wreath. Also used to shop at JoAnne's sales because they were so fabulous.

  2. Excellent wreath. The price was excellent also!

  3. Loree: Re your comment on my blog. I might still be in Twin Falls on the 11th. I have a noisy fan in my refrigerator that I want to have fixed and my fixer won't be back in town until the 8th. I'd love to meet you so let's keep in touch and see if we can make it happen.


  4. Hope those logging folks got retrained for some other work.

  5. I really like you new wreath. I have to dig out all my 'front door' decorations from when we moved.

  6. I always liked having a wreath on my front door, too. I used to love shopping at Jo Ann's! Your wreath is really pretty. :)