Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Made It!!

 Am in Davenport, IA!!  It is hot.  BUT Carol has ac, that is a GOOD thing!!  
The church was in Lineville MO.  there were people working on it,  It was the neatest old church!  At least i hope they were working on it and NOT tearing it down.  And that they saved the stained glass windows that i am sure was in it.
Also went to the Villages of Van Buren County south of Fairfield Iowa.  It was a really neat area, old, old houses and churches, brick streets.  Right on the DesMoines River.  It was a very good drive.
Then i came to the Mississippi River!!!  Found a park and sat in the shade with the windows & doors open, eating a little lunch.  It was really nice, hot, HOT... Luci was in a little distress, but would off and on turn on the ac and she would calm down...
Making plans to go to Door County, WI, and the UP of Michigan.  Go to a water park in Waterloo, IA, revisit the Villages and go to 6 Flags  near Chicago.  So sounds like it will be a fun, FUN summer.  Oh and also go on the ZIPLINE!!!!
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Zip lining?? Not sure I'm quite brave enough for that. But you go girl. You need a a helmet cam for it. You two stay cool. Great summer trip.

  2. Enjoy the UP of Michigan. I drove through some of the part that hangs over Wisconsin, but didn't get to spend any time there. Maybe next year. Please post lots of pictures.

  3. Go on the zip line? Oh my goodness. I have heard so many stories of people being injured. I don't think I can watch you do that. Visited the UP and upper Wisconsin and Minnesota. Minnesota's Itasca state park is great. Should be much cooler up there hopefully for you and poor Luci.

  4. Those sound like fun summer activities. I've never been to Door County even though I grew up in Iowa. I went to the Six Flags outside of Chicago in the mid-70s when it was called Great America. I assume it's the same place?

  5. You be careful on the Zip Line. You will enjoy Door County. Although the Cherry crop is non existent this year, due to a very early spring and then a hard freeze. Be sure to eat lunch at Al Johnson's Restaurant. (that's where the goats graze on the room) Then go all the way to the Door County tip and take the ferry to Washington Island. You will love the quaint little island!

  6. woopsie. Goats graze on the roof!