Thursday, July 26, 2012

Out 'N About

 There are two events happening in Iowa and Davenport this week, the BIX which is a run thru town, named after Bix Beiderbecke a trumpet player, jazz musician from the 20's, which involves 15,000 runners from all over the world, it is only a 7 mile run, but UP Brady street is a slog that many of the runners talk about in awe..
Then there is Ragbrai which is a bike ride, across Iowa from the Missouri to the Mississippi for charity (border to border). THAT has been going on all week and will culminate this week end. It is in it's 40th year.  It is 486 miles, averages 67 miles a day for 7 days and costs each rider $150. There are 8500 week long riders from all over the world. The sponsers provide emergency medical services and traffic control :)
Since we are leaving Saturday we have to plan our route out of town to MISS all of these festivities!!  AND it is hard to get around as River Road and the downtown area is all torn up for construction.  Making a person wind thru the neighborhoods to get where u want to be. :) Makes it hard for us visitors, who barely can get around as it is.  I had been getting pretty good when i was here last time, but that has been 2 years ago and the mind forgets when it is not exercised..  Hahaha
 Then when we were out it RAINED, really hard for about 20 minutes, BUT we were inside at Panera Bread.
 Passing clouds....
 And what a lovely place it is.  They have wonderful salads, that you can get 1/2 a salad which is just right for me and i can get close to finishing it, not all the lettuce tho, but all the goodies!  Had a chopped cobb with avocado, ymmmm!!!  They have delish bread too, don't know why we can't have one of these at home!!!
Here is the sky over the Mississippi on the way home, the storm had all moved to the East.  The River even looked pretty flat.  But there had been wind and everything as there were branches down in the yard when we got back.  Wild there for a short period, but not enough rain to help the farmers tho, i bet!
While gone Luci got into the garbage in the bathroom, yuck!!! Guess she had waited long enough and this was the day..  What a putz, keep telling her if she is not nice we won't be asked back.....
Take Care All


  1. I guess you'll have to get your Panera fix when you come over to the Valley. We have on in Vancouver, too. I believe that all the Panera's offer free wifi, which helped me out when we were in Sacramento one time.

  2. Gee we had a Panera in little Charlottesville. Write the company and ask them if anyone has requested the franchise. Love your rain picture through the glass.

  3. Never been to a Panera Bread. Guess I'll have to get up and see Dave and Carol!!