Thursday, July 5, 2012

Spa Day...

 WELL, the day did not start out too well, as i had a partially flat tire!!  Les Schwab to the rescue again!!  There was a screw in it!  New tires too!!!
 I go to Ola Spa on Canal less than a mile from my house.  They have all kinds of stuff and products.  Had my hair done there last month, and a pedicure and eyebrows waxed.  This month had a manicure, a french manicure!! Using shellac, supposed to last longer, like 2-4 weeks, depending on life style...

These are the pedicure chairs, they are comfy! And two people can be done at a time. This info/picture for friend Carol in Iowa, so maybe she will come visit at some point  :)
Here is a picture of my fingers.  Also had my armpits waxed, is that TMI???  Yeeeooow, that smarts, but it is not as bad as getting the upper lip done, surprisingly!!

Take Care All!!!
Sun is shining, supposed to get some WARM weather, at last!!!!


  1. I swear by Les Schwab! I cringe at the thought of waxing anything - my car, armpits, etc.

  2. Ditto Gypsy's car, my RV, legs anything, I cringe. You're a brave one obviously. Wonder where this hairless craze came from. Even the guys have bought into it. Can't even imagine what it must be like to wax your entire chest or your back?? ooo-weeee

  3. Wow! that is some serious fixin'up, girl! sounds like fun, except for the armpit thing. ewwww.