Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday Sailing on the Mississippi

 Today we went to Muscatine to this cute little shop!!  I got two pictures inside, below, THEN i saw 'no photographs'  sign :(  What???  Oh well.  They had really cute things and i bought a couple projects and a kit for when i get home for a HALLOWEEN runner for my table.  It is a panel and so-so cute!!!  Got some wool pieces, just solid colors, for woolie projects in the future, i want to do more of that. When i did my penny mat that Winter in Navarre, i got pretty good at the button stitch, so look forward to picking that up again. These people also write books with patterns in them and have one coming out in a couple weeks for the Harvest Season and in a month for Christmas, look forward to seeing those!!!  Was not too thrilled with the Summer one they had, but the projects for the Harvest one were on display and they were very CUTE!!!  They are the
The Little Red Hen. It was very HOT today 103, really, really humid
Take Care All


  1. WHEW one hundred and three AND humid! Makes our 93 seem positively cool. How do you do it??? I'd be collapsed not out and about.

  2. HOT and I know why they don't want pictures taken... when I had my shop ... people would come in and take pictures and then go make the stuff themselves.... rude!

    But now I ask when I take pictures because I like their stuff and want to post it on my blog .. some say yes and some say no... I understand -

    When they hear my southern accent ... they feel a little better than I'm not going to copy them... HAhaaa.... I'm in Sequim, Washington.

    Great picture of the sailboats... and Harry the Cat is the bomb ;)