Tuesday, July 31, 2012

UP of Michigan

 Today we drove up 41 out of Green Bay, then to 35 which paralleled Green Bay for most of the day. It was great, we stopped at parks and walked down to the water and just enjoyed nature
 That is Door Co on the very FAR horizon, where we were yesterday.  We could not see this side of the Bay yesterday due to the clouds and bad weather. We even determined we must have gotten hit by some of the golf ball sized hail a couple times as at one point we thought we had been shot :), yes we get dramatic at times, but that is what it sounded like!!!!  Examined the element tho and saw no damage, whew!!!
 This is Sand Point Lighthouse near Escanaba and Little Bay De Noc
 A bouy in the same area. 
Then went East for a short period b4 once again heading North on H13 in the Hiawatha National Forest.  It was really, really beautiful. Lots of replanting has been done. Weird for us tho as there are no hills or certainly any mountains, but still some sort of pine and some fir, lots of hardwoods of some sort. I certainly do NOT know my trees. My Father, a lifetime logger, would be so disgusted with me....

But is was really pretty and magical and GREEN.  We stopped at this little store, they had a sign that said crafts and i like to support these people.  Got a little wooden toy for my grand-niece to play with, a pull toy. Some scrubbies and a knitted dishrag, i like those and a couple used paperbacks for $1..good price i thought :) 
They had a hummingbird feeder out front and tried a couple pictures, but not at all like Judy's so am not going to embarrass myself by posting them :)
We also got reservations for a cruise in Lake Superior by Picture Rocks for noon tomorrow, am excited to do that, the postcards of them are beautious, hope i can do half as well!!!!
Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time traveling around the Great Lakes, I hope to RV in that area sometime.

  2. Great pictures again today, Loree. I love the green trees, but my favorites are the lighthouse pictures. I am a lighthouse fan!

  3. The only thing I have to say about this is I hope you don't wake up with a pea in your mouth.....

  4. Hey, where is my self-portrait of you two for today?? :(

  5. I second the daily self portrait idea. That's a beautiful area. We did a trip all along the coasts of the great lakes through all the states they border and it was wonderful. Hope your weather is terrific for Picture Rocks tomorrow they are gorgeous. You are going to love it! What fun you are having!!

  6. You weren't over dramatizing about the golf ball size hail. It was real, in areas in and around Green Bay. I love our northwoods, and never tire of looking at the greenery. Enjoy being with the Youppers, and be sure to have a Pastie. They are pies that the women made for their husbands lunches while they were in the mines. Lots of history up there!!