Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Special Family

Today i spent the afternoon with Darah, John & the kids.  I am the 'official' portrait taker for them.  We spent a couple hours walking around Duck Creek Park trying to get a good picture for Xmas cards. The children could have been less interested in the picture taking process, BUT we saw birds, spiders, dead wood. Played on the slides and swings.  The weather was very nice out there.
Then we went to their house and Darah taught me how to make granola!!!  She gave me all kinds of tips and ideas.  It turned out REALLY good. Can't wait for the morning to have some!!  Laithe loved the dried cherries and apricots.
Don't know about them, but i had a good time with them and am so thankful for them in my life!
Just hope some of those pictures will work, seemed like many were fuzzy, hard to catch those fast moving youngsters!!!
Take Care and God Bless All!!!

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  1. kids are hard to capture, especially when you want them to pose. Quick little buggers, aren't they?