Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An Oh My God Day!!!

 This was the most beautiful thing and SO very glad we took the little 3 hour cruise, even if we baked on the top of the boat with all the other people and crying children. We NEVER would have been able to see this from the road thru the park, there are only two viewpoints!!! There are trails for hiking, a beach you can get to by car, but most of the Rocks are seen by boat!!  Picture rocks...a GREAT place to see, I took 175 pictures and it was difficult to pare them down to these!!! will let them speak for themselves.
 This is a light house right in the bay as we were going out. there are three built in the Great Lakes that look like school houses.  Light house picture is for Carol K!!

 If u look at this tree closely you can see that it gets all of its nourishment to the left, the rock used to bridge across but collapsed and left the already formed roots.

The color of the water was just beautiful! And some of the mineral stains on the rocks looked like abstract art, like something Jackson Pollack would have painted!!!
 Indian Rock in the background, look at his profile...

 Here is the self portrait for Teresa and Sherry.  THEN after Picture Rock we went to Main Street Pizza in Munsing and it was the best ever!!! Just like the lady in the Post Office told Carol!!!
THEN we drove to Manistique, WHAT a GREAT, beautiful place and another Light House!!! I too, love the light houses, we went to ALL of them when we went to the Outer Banks 2 yrs ago!!!
 The light was beautiful, the rocks at the beach were great and you could get down to the Lake!!  this is Lake Michigan.  at Picture Rocks was Lake superior.  Carol has a goal of seeing three of the Great Lakes and we are making it so!!!
One of my favorite pictures. 
It was a really GREAT day!!!
Take Care & God Bless ALL


  1. Those are grand sights you've seen and captured! :)

  2. So glad you are enjoying the lakes and the rocks! I guess you could rive to Detroit or Toledo and catch Huron and Erie!

  3. Good to see you enjoyed the UP... Pictured Rocks is so understated in terms of national exposure. But I guess that is part of the charm of the UP...Loving your blog.

  4. Amazing - and beautiful pictures. Glad you are enjoying your time.

  5. OMGosh, such beautiful pictures, Loree! Am so happy that we are able to enjoy these sights with you and Carol through your wonderful blog and pictures. Thanks for including the daily self portrait - it's another great one!!

  6. Thank you very much for more lighthouse pictures, Loree! :) I liked your other pictures, too. What a trip!

  7. I knew from the title you must have been to Picture Rocks. Maybe Jackson had been there too and they inspired him.

    I can just hear the joy in your writing. Great picture of two happy gals!!

  8. I am so glad to hear you are not disappointed with the sights of the Midwest. Living here, we take so much for granted. Thanks for helping me appreciate this area.