Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bentonsport, Iowa

 Went with Darah & Carol to the villages of Van Buren today.  It was a good day.  I overdressed again with socks & jeans and it turned hot. Guess i will never learn.
Then i spent all day with them and never did get a picture of mom & daughter.  I am slipping!!!
Luci & I went thru here on the way to Davenport the 1st part of July.  River is lower... And even tho it was hot to me today, it was WAY cooler than that 1st visit :)
 Des Moines river

 Old foot bridge across the Des Moines
 Local flora
Local fawna??? What an interesting thing to do to the bottom of your tree...
We had a very good day, Luci went with and got a bit over heated at times, but we walked and drank alot of water...
Also went to Cantril which has a large Mennonite presence, general store,  fabric store- we loaded up on mixes and dries goods, flour, cornstarch, oats- huge bag, 4#, for only $1.79, large container of dried, minced onions(.95#) for less than $1.69,  flax seed for $2.33, sunflower seeds (.96#) for $2.12, old fashioned 7-grain cereal (1.16#) for $1.26....i mean REALLY???  we don't have places like that in Central Oregon.  Darah & i are making granola. i need to get some flax seed in me and that is a good way.  Got some granola at Hyvee Grocery Health Food Dept and it was a Pound and almost $8. I am going to make LOTS and it will last and have all the yummy things in it i need, may even have enough stuff for more than one batch.
I am becoming concerned with all the 'stuff' i am getting there is not going to be room for me to sleep in the back of the element on the way home  :)  Am going to have to do some creative packing!!!!
Take Care all


  1. Interesting and enjoyable post. The carving in the tree reminded me of St. Simon's Island. There are similar carvings (where branches have been removed) on trees all over the island. They are called "Tree Spirits" and have a great story behind them.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  2. Loved the Tree Spirit (I like that idea). Creative packing - that could be a challenge but Luci and I have confidence in you.

  3. I bet your granola will be better than anything you could buy already prepared. Good luck with it.

  4. Sounds like a very good outing to me. :)

  5. You have to teach me to make the granola!