Thursday, August 30, 2012

Camera Disaster!!!!!

 ALL of my pictures from yesterday were deleted during the download process, am sick... will never get those back.  There was just nothing on that card at all! Just 'card error' so i reset everything from the menu, so NOW they sure aren't there... have got to keep my finger OFF the keybrd while they are downloading. That cancel button apparently means just that...
 I am not going to do a litany of what i lost.  it makes me sick.... It was my little camera, these were from today and in the better camera..
Above is Chimney Rock..
 This is Scotts Bluff..
 More of Scotts Bluff
 There are many parts to Scotts Bluff, and you can drive to the top, going thru 3 or 4 tunnels to get there. I was very exciting. And views from the top were spectacular!
When pioneers got to Chimney Rock they were 2/3 of the way to where h\they were going, either, Calif or Oregon and the plains were behind them. I felt the same way ")
Today drove thru smokey haze, hovering lightning, blackness on the horizon, coolness aahhhh, and minor heat.
The Scotts Bluff Ranger Station was great,  As were the surrounding sights....
Yesterday i drove to Ogalala NE and north west of there spent the night at Lake Mccoughly,  there was NO water in most of the lake behind the dam, and lots of dead trees, white sand, suppose that is why people go there to drive around in all that sand,  there was NO one there, it was spooky!!! and everything was dried up, they spent no effort in trying to keep the grass green, that is for sure.  AND it was really hot too!!  AND boy if we thought Iowa was dry with the corn, Nebraska is really, really worse!!! Some was not even knee high, some was just really dead,  Saw them hauling ground up corn to feedlots for silage, and saw them baling it up into those big round bales, looked weird.  There was a great sunrise over the Mississippi when i was leaving..
I always wanted to see Chimney Rock, it was on my bucket list of things to see, just an iconic symbol of the West..
Tomorrow should be home, even if it is late..
Take Care All


  1. So sorry to hear about your camera and photos, Loree. I'm glad you had your other camera so that you could get pictures of Scotts Bluff and Chimney Rock. We visited both of those this summer and I was glad that we took the time to see both of those amazing sights!

  2. I know that feeling Loree and I'm so sorry for you. I had start over and I'm still a little "skittish" about uploading pictures on my blog. I've enjoyed following your travels.

  3. I remember that my husband used to get that card error message and he downloaded a free program that recovered the pictures. Sorry I don't know what the program is, but it may be something you want to search for.

  4. And I thought I had problems last year when my camera died just before we visited Yosemite! I didn't lose any pictures, and was able to get a new cheapo (but still expensive, as it was the only game in town) camera. Good for you for getting out and seeing and doing!

  5. You definitely got some good pictures with your "other" camera. Perhaps you'll just have to return to those sites on another trip and take the pictures again. :-)

    SO sad about the dryness and fires in the west. They say the resulting price shock of sky high vegetables and grains, breads and pastas, is about 6 months away.

  6. I remember doing that, too - I thought I had transferred the photos, but I hadn't. Then I deleted them. But you know, I don't even remember where I was or what photos I lost - It's all in the past, and six months from now, you won't either. (I hope.) Today's pics are winners, for sure! :)