Saturday, August 25, 2012


 Went here for an early dinner.  Left Davenport late as Carol had to work last night, 11p to 8am and she needed to get a couple hours sleep.  So got into Chicago, NW suburbs about 3ish.  Wanted to go to this place as Brian had seen about it on Diners, Dives  show on TV.  Said it was 'the best' Well my taster is off, the pie part was good, but it had the strangest crust ever, swear i could taste baking soda, and it was a yellow, cakey almost consistency, NOT the pizza crust i am used to.  And lately i am not eating crusts anyway :)
 BUT, it was an interesting place,  writing on the walls and anything/place a person could reach!!! Very interesting...

 Hey and this top i am wearing i got at Costco, for $14.95 and it is a LARGE!!!  only!!!!  Bet u are tired of hearing about things like this, but that is so cool for me!!  Now i am sure i can't wear ALL larges,  this is probably a large 'large', BUT it fit!!!  Also got a large t-shirt someplace and it fit, not even an extra-large... but those sizes run so wonky, still...just sayin'  :)  AND you can see my clavicle!  i even have one-  haha

 The pizza was a spinach, tomato and we added black olives and mushrooms.  It was good, cept for that weird crust....
These are the stairs to go up to second story, which was closed as not everyone was on yet for the evening shift..  see writing everywhere....  Lots of beer signs. Looked like it was probably a happening place for the evening week-end set.  They had NO souvenirs tho for me to get Brian, no stickers, matchbooks, glasses with their name on them, not even t-shirts...  Thought about asking a waiter for their shirt but did not seem as if that would be quite the thing to do.
This place was near the Woodfield Mall in Schamburg Village.  Which yes, we did spend a couple hours in, looking about, but, generally, i was not in the buying mood, except for some things at The Body Shop, love that store and their 'body butter' Also went to LUSH and got some bath bombs... have me some soothing baths when i get home!

Take Care All & God Bless
Hope Isaac skips on by everyone in Florida area.


  1. How lucky you are to visit a 'famous' place, even if you had to endure the traffic in "Chi" town!!!

  2. Don't think I'd like that crust either. My favorite place for pizza in Chicago is Frank's on the northwest side. It's just a little joint with only about three tables for eating in.

  3. I lived in/near Chicago for 54 years and had that pizza a few times. I do not like the crust - I prefer the really thin crispy crust that some Chicago pizzerias are famous for. I'm eating gluten free now and miss eating pizza. I think the neighborhood mom and pop places are the best - like Lil' Joes. Good job on the new clothes - looking good.

  4. LOVE those pictures of the two of you. You looks so happy, almost joyful. I love hearing about your clavical and your decreasing clothes size. Keep it up. On with the walking!