Monday, August 13, 2012

Day in Galesburg, Illinois

 We got to eat outside!  Rain held off for awhile. The kids were really GOOD. But then they have a great Mom!! We went into many stores too. Many cute things.
 Guthrie very intent on a game on the phone.
 I'm coming, I'm coming.  Laithe is such a sturdy little guy, that does things his way, in his time. But still very mindful. A great hug giver!!

 Illinois from I-74.  Note leaden skies.
Another barn!!! Kind of hazy out. Air filled with moisture.
We had a great day, talked and laughed and enjoyed the kids!!!
Take Care all!!!


  1. Sounds like another fun day, Loree!

  2. Really lovely pictures Loree. The kids will grow up so fast and look back at themselves and not believe they were ever that young.

  3. Wonderful times and memories for all of you. They are so going to enjoy looking back at your blog when they get older.

  4. What great pictures! cute cute cute little kiddos.... m'goodness