Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kalamazoo, MI

 Driving along the top of Lake Michigan.  We decided we REALLY liked The Mastinque area and the top of Lake Michigan. It is worth a second more extended look!!
 Then "MuffyMarks" made a comment that we needed to try the Pasties-  we DID, they were very good!!! Made with ground round steak, rutabaga, potatoes, onion, then wrapped in the finest pastry ever!!! Then baked in the oven, they were REALLY good!!  Friend Carol ate hers right down, for some reason they filled me up FAST and i worked on eating it all day & only finished half of one :(  I tried... My little stomach was having none of it, but it tasted good...
 Lake Huron.. 

Here is our picture, which we waylaid a young man to snap for us!!

He was expecting great things..  but minded our p's 'n q's and he got nothing  :(
 Mackinac Bridge.  It was VERY windy and they were working on the bridge too, so 2 lanes, one each way were closed..
It was a really Looonng bridge.... Lake Michigan on one side and Lake Huron on the other...
Then we got on the wrong freeway, 127 coming down, should have been on 131, but got corrected, had originally thought we were taking 75 all the way down, but Carol caught that one, thank heavens....
Made it to Kalamazoo by 6:30p, so that was pretty good all in all.
Will make it back to 'Davenport tomorrow  pick up poor Luci on Saturday!!!!
Take Care & God Bless ALL


  1. Just an FYI to all - it took me about 4 hours to eat my pastie!! I did not eat it right down as Loree commented!! : )

  2. I LOVE your picture of the day!! Carol, you must have chewed each bite 50 times to savor the flavor, right??

  3. You Indian girls look good in your headdresses. Thank you for including another lighthouse picture!

  4. That bridge is something!! I wonder if a walker could keep their balance if they were to walk across it? I think not, especially on a windy day.