Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 Oh & these TASTE really good too!!! I got a great big heirloom tomato, yum!!!!
 We stopped at Magnolia Farms, at the very end of Jersey Ridge Rd where they had produce out and you pay on the honor system...  got beets too, beets right out of the garden are the best!!!!!
 On the Mississippi, a barge waiting to go thru the locks.  It was even there late at night, you could see the lights on the tugboat, there were FIVE barges the tugboat was pushing down the River.  The next morning, early, it was no longer there, must have got the go ahead, or people showed up to let him thru...

This is the next afghan i am working on.  Think it is sweet and pretty!!!

Take Care and God Bless All


  1. Everything tastes better, fresh out of the garden. Glad you had the chance to sample. Love your new afghan!! Summery, the white with colored flowers.

  2. Barges are having problems in places on the Mississippi River where the water level is so low they can't get through.