Sunday, August 26, 2012


 This is on the way back from Chicago yesterday.. Not much to see, then all of a sudden the suburbs start or end whichever way you are or from
New haircut for me..even had on a tiny bit of eye make-up, eyeliner.... Think it does make a difference, should make the effort.. Oh and the brows were waxed too.... so they are not wooley..
 Rain coming off the gutter
 The back yard from the backdoor
This is rain pouring off the roof and overflowing the gutter in front of kitchen window..   Don't know why i am so enthralled with this rain, probably since i have not seen rain for so long!!!  Things were overflowing everywhere. BUT let me tell you the drains work here, water flowing everywhere and right into the Mississippi!!!   We went down and saw it...  was even lapping over on parts of the lock.  There were HUGE barges in the river again, will get a pic of that tomorrow.  We got soaked going into and out of Wal-Mart!!!  No one wears coats here,  they carry umbrellas, but NO coats or rain coats even... Just get soaked,  but we dried off!!! and did not melt as sugar will do  :) (have to see if you are really listening to me or not)
Take Care All


  1. Loree you look WONDERUFL! I like the hair and makeup. WOW!!

    I always say that to my grandkids when it rains..."you're not sugar, you won't melt!"

  2. Great pictures of the rain, Loree.

  3. Next thing you know, you will be looking for a modeling job:) That looks like the kind of rain we are going to get when the storm arrived in a few hours:(