Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Sailing

 Sunday is always sailing on the Mississippi. One of our favorite things to do is go watch. It is only about and 1/8 mile stroll up to the benches overlooking the river from the house.  Luci & I go up, sit on the bench and take pictures of whatever comes our way :)
 After the Saturday storm it was a beautiful, clear day with a little crispness in it.  Just the right thing for doing 'something' Notice how clear and perfect the water looks, no haziness in the air at all!!!!
I am sure these people in the boats were having as much fun as we had watching them. Sailing is something i would love to do, but always thought it was way to complicated for me :)

Here is Luci, with her Ja-Ja-Binks look hoping for a morsel of whatever i was eating.. She is soo patient. "Whatever comes my way i will be eternally grateful for!!"  HA!!

Take Care All


  1. What a great picture of Luci and what a great location if you only have to walk a short distance to sit by the Mississippi and get these shots.

    I love sailing and can do what I'm told but you do have to have someone who knows what they are doing. Always thought I'd like to take a class and learn how to do one of those little sailfish on my own. But it's one of those things that hasn't gotten off the bucket list.

  2. Luci looks so cute!

    We loved sailing, but the kiddos thought we should have a boat they could ski behind. We didn't get the ski boat, but sold the sailboat. We were soon sorry and so were the kids.

  3. Never have been interested in sailing, but when we were young parents we had a runabout boat. We'd tow our daughters on floats all around the various lakes. Then we began to realize that when you are in the water in a lake in Central California, the view is always flat water surrounded by dry brown hills. I'm sure a run along a broad river like the Old Miss would be a lot more interesting!

  4. I agree, sailboats are fun to watch. I've never been on a sailboat.

  5. We watched sailboats this weekend too. Aren't they the cutest when they are waiting for that morsel to come their way? Love it!

  6. I have a t shirt that says that every day spent sailing does not count towards the days God has allotted you on this earth.

    I love sailing:)

  7. LOVE that picture of Luci!!!

  8. Awwwwww Luci... how precious! look at her ears... Hahaaaa... so relaxing... great nail polish!