Sunday, August 5, 2012


 There was a warning over TV that there was a warning for such & such counties at 1:45p and sure enough the sky got darker and darker and was almost black by that time! How do they know exactly??
 Thunder and lightning started.... then there was a warning in my phone~~ for flash flooding, had never had THAT before. Warning to get into your 'safe place' there was a flurry of text back and forth between Carol and I as she had to leave for awhile, i was here alone.  then texts from daughter Darah.  The 'safe place' is in the bathroom!!!!  Well i did NOT go sit in the bathroom and miss the show, sat right on the couch with Luci pressed against my side, she was not going anywhere!!  And we watched out the big windows.....

Then the rain started   WOW have never quite seen rain like that before,  look at this roof run-off, more water than i have seen in some of the creeks back here!!! Bet they are the ones that flash flooded!!
Visibility was way down.  It was an isolated little world of sounds and rain pouring all around.  It was quite interesting, oh did i mention the sirens??? And someone on a loudspeaker, which i could not quite hear what he was saying, sure it was probably something i should know, but..... Sirens went off 4 times and would stay on for along time.... It was all quite exciting for someone from the NorthWest :) It only lasted a couple hours, but seemed to go on forever.  Still humid after, but this morning, it is really nice out there, hardly humid at all. All kind of washed down and clean!!!! With a little crispy in the air.
Went to the Saturday Market that morning and almost expired down there, It is held in a parking lot by the Mississippi and the heat just radiates off that pavement, everyone was sweating to beat the band, bet it is nice down there on this Sunday morning!!!!
Take Care & God Bless All


  1. I know if it was the first time you ever experienced anything like it... had to be awesome for you.

    Weather in the extreme can be quite beautiful, definitely exasperating...leaves us in awe at the wonders that God creates.

    So glad you were able to experience and suffer no ill from it.

  2. oh, btw... thanks for the pics :) great to say the least

  3. I probably would have been sitting in the bathroom with Luci. I am such a wuss with bad storms. But they are incredibly beautiful in their power.

  4. There is a reason there are "safe places" in your home, because sitting by a window during tornado definitely is NOT a safe place. Glad you didn't have any bad stuff there!

  5. Ah, the joy of being in the midwest. ;)

  6. Exciting, wasn't it? I would never sit during tornado sirens. I hang out the door to see what's happening next.... if the tree tops start touching the ground.... get the heck out of the way, cause I'm heading for shelter.

  7. Sure am glad that tornado didn't touch down in your area or you might well have found yourself in Oz or Kansas at the least. Those things are scary.