Friday, August 17, 2012

Traffic on the River

 Thought this was really sweet!!  Wonder if it is a private craft or some sort of tour?? Looks more private as not a bunch of people can be seen.
 Tugboat waiting at the Lock & Dam
This is just a serene picture of the River & clouds.. We went for a little, small walk to the benches, she likes going there as do i.... I never tire of the Mississippi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have not said much about the diet lately.  Not much to say. It just goes along.  Have lost 106# and was recently shopping and got into an 18-20 jacket!!  AND it fit!!!  Which i then HAD to have, it is faux leather, but very cute!!  (from a size 32 or 4x) All around things are getting way too loose (underwear) things i bought a couple months ago no longer fit well, but hang on me.  Luci and i have been going for walks a couple times a day to the back part of the yard. Have a goal to go all the way to the top and around a certain tree then back.  NO SHORTCUTS!!!  I make deals with myself and talk myself out of doing as planned, normally, as i don't feel i can walk another step or climb one more hill or go one more block!!! But since i am not lugging around all that weight, i seem to be doing much better in walking and moving from one place to another w/o being out of breathe or something or another hurting. All in all i feel pretty darn good!!!  Yet i never really feel as if i am FULL or never really feel hungry, sort of have an eh? attitude towards eating.  I will think i crave something, take a bite, then that is it, don't want it anymore.
Some things really smell good, then don't taste as good as they smell.....
Don't really feel as if i really want anything to eat. All the joy has gone out of planning and eating. Is that a good thing or not, don't know.  Well, it is a good thing as i no longer need worry about it. And i am investigating, trying to lean towards vegetarian type foods as meat is not very exciting.  Enjoy salty much more than sweet... And want whole, organic foods rather than all of the preservatives.
I am no longer on ANY medications, no high blood pressure,  no diabetes, no cholesterol problems, and have stopped the anti-depressants with no residual affects to me or those around me :)  Just taking an array of vitamins.  My knees/feet no longer ache or downright hurt after a walk or shopping :) or just sitting.
The only problem i have is my back, which i think something else is going on.  There was a person in my support group that had the same problem and was going to physical therapy as all the surrounding fat was gone in a relatively short time, no time to strengthen and her spine was having a hard time holding her up!  Can u believe??? Sounded fishy to me (a way to get money from physical therapy) but maybe...... I was diagnosed with arthritis in my back about 20 years ago, i don't suppose that has gone away, but there have been no flare-ups this past month, but then i have not been doing anything strenuous either, not even cleaning house!!!
So there u have it, whether u are interested or not :)
I am pretty darn happy with the results so far and excited for the ZipLine on Monday. There are 3 of us going and am sure it will be a BLAST, something outside my comfort zone, for all of us!!!
Take Care & God Bless All


  1. Loree this is just amazing. I have heard from so many people how weight loss has improved their health. You sure are a wonderful example of that. I actually think it's great that food is a much less important part of your life. It sounds to me like your body is making its preferences for good healthy whole foods known. CONGRATULATIONS! This all sounds great. Have you seen the DVD Forks Over Knives?

  2. Wow - you are doing so fantastic. It is so wonderful that you are feeling so much better. It is so fun to buy smaller clothes even though it's hard to convince yourself that you really can buy smaller. You'd better have somebody taking pictures of the zipline on Monday.

  3. You can bet that we are interested in your eating plan, health, weight loss, etc. Great job, Loree! And how liberating to be off all those medications!

  4. Great job, Loree and YES I am interested in your weight loss progress. How exciting to go on a Zipline. That, too, is on my bucket list....I'll see how you like it first ;-)