Friday, September 7, 2012

A Day In The Life :)

Today took Carl for a bath and nail trim, Luci nail trim too. She acted up.  The young girl was  a little timid and not the accomplished lady that is normally there, who brooks no nonsense from Luci.  But guess Luci felt she could get away with it! But we got 'er done!!
Then came home to take pick up load of lawn debris to the dump.  Pick up would not start and neighbor, GREAT neighbor, jumped it. Off to the dump i went, on the way back noticed i was 'OUT OF GAS' !!  Who used this last?  I bet it was NOT me!!! But got to the service station in time i guess as at least i was not entirely out, even tho the gauge said i was!!!
Then mowed the lawn & watered.
Then the guy from Outbuilders came and we get the NEW shed on the 24th, cool beans!!!
Then i made a skillet lasagna from Pinterest.  I thought it was pretty good, i added turkey meat to it,  it was a vegetarian one, (sorry Sherry :) Brian said it tasted like the easy way out of making a 'real' lasagna, but he ate 3/4 of it and said he would finish it off tomorrow .  So i guess it was an ok hit.  I liked it....
Take Care all

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  1. You're sure working hard Loree. If Brian wants "real" lasagna, guess he knows where the kitchen is, right??