Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Apparently, i could putz around here all day, everyday, and STILL have things left to do!!!! And i am so over trying to figure out how to pay Verizon online.......


  1. To pay Verizon, set up an automatic payment. It's easy. Well, it was easy for Suzy, but Jerry wouldn't dare try to do something like that! Suzy says call *611, they'll tell you how to set it up on your credit card. No more monthly fussing online. You get a monthly statement online ahead of time, you look at it, then walk away (unless it's wrong) and it will automatically be charged to your card at the appropriate date.

  2. David should read this post. He is the WORLD KING of putzers for sure. And he hates hassling with paying Verizon on line. What's up with them making it so difficult? I guess they want you to sign up for automatic so that you have to go to even more trouble if the bill isn't correct.