Saturday, September 15, 2012


 LOVE it when the rabbit brush is blooming in Jefferson county! Just goes on for miles & miles in varying shades of yellow. The old wood fence posts, how long have they been there? The different ways the farmer/rancher decides to keep the gate closed.  It is photo worthy at times, is it blog worthy, don't know.... Apparently it is for me :)
 Here is Mt Jefferson with a veil of smoke top and bottom. A lot less snow too after a warm summer.

Then i saw these goats in a field, he seemed to be the 'boss' of all of them and he certainly had a demeanor about him... What kind of goat is this anyway??? He used those horns too!
And Luci met the new kitty "Bootsie" at my brother's today, she was NOT impressed, kept nipping at her and chasing her around.  But the kitty was not too concerned about the whole procedure, even tho she was getting Luci slobber all over her. Luci did NOT like me holding said kitty at all, nosiree, none of that.
It was a good day, will be more tomorrow, but have to save something or there would be nothing to talk about tomorrow :)
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Gate closures. Now that's something interesting to look into. I'll be on the look out now.

  2. I like the fence post photo, and the kitty and dog one also, with the old lawnmower. How cool is that!

  3. Gate closures are an interesting idea Loree. Your pictures are excellent. You have a good eye. Darling kittie, tell Luci s/he has to be better than Carl right??

  4. Love the old fence posts, wherever they are found. If I search our photos, I could probably find a few dozen of them, but I'd rather look at your pictures. These are new fence posts for us, so they add to our vicarious adventures. Thanks for sharing!