Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finally done!

 This rose was in a friends yard, pretty huh?? Stopped by to see her Saturday as wanted to order some things from Stampin' Up.. Trying to plan my Xmas cards :)
 This morning i awoke to Brian getting up & he went right out and did the end tops of the shed, not the way i would have done it, but , it is done and not too much yelling went on.  I was out there in my pj's trying to direct things in the correct way to paint, he did ask for help as he had not a clue as to how or where to start.. So i got an earlier start than normal.  And got alot done even b4 noon!!Got the second coat of paint on and now it fairly shines in the dark :)  It is a happy color, it makes me happy.  Mowed the lawn, hopefully for the last time.  AND washed down the back of the house, windows & sidewalk.  (thought of my friend in Iowa, she LOVES to spray water and clean sidewalks) We had some plywood leaned against the house practically all summer, we are using it for the shelving, moved it into the shed for the time being, until i can get my brother over here to finish off the shelves in the garage and in the shed.  When it was leaned against the house, it got all dusty and cobwebby behind them, so that all had to be cleaned. That is vinyl siding on the house, so just have to hose it down to get it looking clean, happy, happy....
Here is the shed, all done!!!!
Russ & Donna of 'Travels in Therapy' noted they might have stopped by to see me, but for the smoke all about,  We have hardly any here in Redmond, it is floating off some where else!!!   Have  long front driveway that you could have parked in & even plugged you up! Would have been GREAT to see you and yes,  next time for sure!!!
Take Care all
p.s. i even planted some bulbs,  thinking of Spring already, have to think ahead and prepare!!! Especially for the bulbs......


  1. DARN! We should have pressed onward. Next time for sure. Getting ready to head further south, perhaps a side trip to Crater Lake. That is a beautiful rose in the picture. Is that a double delight?

  2. Oh, my, that rose at the top of your page is so beautiful! And I love, love, love your yard. Yellow isn't my favorite color but it "sure looks good on you"!!! We, well Joe, planed all our bulbs this weekend. And I bought some fall colored mum plants to put on the steps of our steps. Glad the smoke is not bothering you too much.
    ~Betty from Milwaukie, OR

  3. I always feel entitled to take the entire afternoon off if I get a lot done before noon. HOpe you did too! That yellow is very cheery! Sure wish my next lawn mowing would be the last. It won't but it may be my last if I get back on the road in time.

  4. How did you pick this area to buy a house in? Was it because your son was in the area? Maybe you covered that way back, but I just can't remember. I like the yellow shed, and agree that Brian should have done the whole thing. :)