Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Chores

Today was spent catching up on everything.  Mowed the backyard, what a mess, now i am watering it. Put in load of clothes.  Pulled dead  & dying things in front yard & watered it down good.  this all b4 10am!!!  Boy i am moving.  Collected all the bottles and took them to the bottle recycling place hoping for a 'homeless' person who wanted them.  There was a guy there so gave him all my bottles/cans. Went to Sears & got a frig, to be delivered on Thursday. Just a regular frig, top freezer with an ice maker this time, love me some ice!!! Got the car washed, dirty little thing.  Went and visited friends who are both recovering from surgery, knee replacement, and plastic surgery, tummy tuck and fat removed from arms (she doesn't know when to stop)  Luci went with me on this part of the day, as they like seeing her too.  she is zonked out in her bed right now. Grocery shopping, then unloading and putting things away.  Still putting away things from the trip. Have to get the clothes situation under control, need to get rid of more things and incorporate some new.
So have accomplished alot today and tomorrow is another day!!!
I like getting things in order tho so am a happy camper  :)
Take Care All!!


  1. What a go getter you are. You made me tired just reading about all you did. But what a friend you are that you took time out of your very busy day to visit your friends recovering from surgery.

  2. Nice to be home, For sure! Your photos are getting better and better. Did you ask Rick about a program that might be able to find the lost ones? He helped me get some back one time. Worth a try at least

  3. WOW! Usually I have to take it easy and recuperate from vacations! You sound like the Energizer Bunny!

  4. Love my ice maker in our frig at home. Wish we had one in the fiver but not enough room. You are sure a worker, sounds like you wore Luci out! That is nice you could take her to see people who are recovering from surgery. They can sure make people feel better really fast :)

  5. Good Grief what a day! Lots of variety too. You must have been really tired.