Thursday, September 6, 2012

What a Day

I thought i would answer Sherry & Jerry separate, but then decided to use the blog...
As it is blog worthy i think???  How do i make this short?  I have been black balled or something and have to pay in CASH for 6 mos or call Verizon Financial Services monthly and request to pay by debit card, because apparently i happened to write down my wrong acct number!!!!  And they can (or won't) correct it.  See, because i put down a closed acct # to try to pay my  bill!!!  OMG, do people never make mistakes??? (still find it hard to believe i may have done that, as i always double check at least as those numbers are so long!!) They were very nice, it appeared and were patient as they actually must have thought they were dealing with a lunatic or someone who does not pay bills... no matter that the prior two payments were ok.  I mean, really, is there no way to correct this?  Yes, i can send an e-mail to the Verizon Treasury Dept, NO, NOT the U.S. Treasury Dept, that i thought they were talking about, as they did not specify, just said Treasury Dept, how is a person to know???  I ask you???  So, tomorrow, after i have had a good nite's sleep, i will get online and try to travel thru the morass of computereez.
Oh, and i did get my new refrigerator.  They did not level it and could not figure out how to hook up the ice maker with the copper tubing that is already there. The fitting was not right, needed to be cut off, do i have a pipe saw?  Well, that would be no, why would a person need one?  Well, apparently for this little job. So to Lowe's i went to get a tiny pipe saw. Worked great. Put on the tiny flange thing, NO ONE can screw the fitting on, maybe it is not the right one?  Since the frig in the garage is making noises, i think i will call a repairman, suck it up, to fix both of them.  I am sure an appliance repairman will have the right 'stuff' needed (for a price) to fix both of these things. Since due to liability Sears can't work on items that they did not supply or can guarantee (said copper piping)
What a day.....................................
Take Care All


  1. FYI - we set up our Verizon to be paid by Jim's debit card so it comes out automatically every month. We've done this for six or seven years and haven't had a problem yet. But now that I've said that, watch out. Hope you can find a good repairman.

  2. I have learned that when I have a problem with these technology companies to send a letter to the CEO of the company - explaining everything - I do not say anything mean in the letter - but I do tell them how disappointed I am in the way they have made me feel. I usually get a positive response.

  3. Wow, that was a tough day:( I think I would be looking for another cell phone company.

  4. Oh goodness! Suzy has had some success dealing with the petty bureaucrats (actually, clerks who have very little discretion) by asking to speak to their supervisors. Occasionally she has to go up more than one level. Good luck!

  5. I have had problems as have we all with a clerk who cannot do his/her job. Often it takes a hard paper copy of letter sent to the CEO and taking to many levels up of supervisors. Good luck.

  6. It really is such a pain to deal with these companies. I too just ask to speak to the supervisor until I finally get to someone who can understand the situation and fix it. Hope you can get this cleared up.

    I'm surprised that wherever you bought the refrig didn't install it totally and that includes leveling and the ice maker. Seems like pretty poor customer service.