Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Day

Went to the dentist today (just for cleaning) my dentist retired!!!  I hate that!!! Now i have to get used to another... Don't like this type of change.
Also went shopping at TJ Max.  Don't know what they are exactly, a clearing house for name brands? Got a cool pair of ankle boots with a heel!!! (have not done that in forever as my balance was all off with the weight) for only $30!!  Don't know where i am going to wear all of these 'fancy' clothes, but i dressed up to go to the dentist, suppose i could do the same for the grocery store! Or going to Lowe's, who knows.... Going to a new stamp club tomorrow and will wear something nice and lady-like....
Am 'down' to 217!  Pretty soon and i will break that LONG awaited barrier and be BELOW 200#, wow that will be a day!!!  Have to think of some type of great reward, maybe a new camera!!!! or a hike!!! Still going to the gym, still trying to be 'the best i can be'  !!  :)
Take Care All and God Bless
Oh, we had RAIN today!!!  supposed to be more tomorrow..... a definite change...
(above picture of Smith Rock State Park in July)


  1. Good luck on your journey to below 200!! Treat yourself with something special when that day comes.

  2. I'm jealous. I had to give up wearing heels when I broke my ankle. Made me so sad. You are doing so great on your weight loss. Keep it up girl. And I so agree with you - I hate it when my doctor or dentist or mechanic or whatever, retires. How dare them.

  3. Congatulation on your weigh loss.
    I'd be buying new things too.

  4. I am always unhappy when I lose a Dr. that I like, but I guess they have to have a life too:))

    Congrats on your progress for your weight goal!