Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall in the BackYard!!!

    LOOK at all the work i have yet to do!!! And not even half of the leaves are down yet.... oiy

 Love these cute little ceramic mushrooms i found at Real Dealz.....  the barbed wire is from my friends in Montana... i was going to do something with it,..??? but it looks good just hanging out...
When i was out raking it was spitting snow!!!  Mt B (Mt Bachelor, the primo ski resort West of Bend) has 8" base.  I always wanted to snowshoe...and i think i could do that now,  am going to look into it and see what all equipment i need to have, surely layered warm clothes and some sort of shoes and the snowshoes themselves...  get out and commune with nature & get some GOOD pics, as long as i don't freeze to death...

   Love all the different colors and shapes,  those trees out back have REALLY big leaves at the very top and get smaller as closer to earth, so there are various sizes, and the smells, o my gosh!!!  Judy from Travels With Emma stated in her blog yesterday about the smells of Fall, not necessarily the smokey/burning smell but the natural smell of the leaves & earth.....
Take Care All & God Bless
This is a wondrous change of season..................


  1. Just thinking about snowshoeing makes me cold. There just aren't enough layers. Have you checked out the dachshund named Obie? He's the 77 lb doxie that got rescued and is on a diet. I follow him on FB and he's lost 15 lbs now. Such a sweetie and now he stands a chance for a life. He looks like our girls - Luci and Skittlez.

  2. At Crater Lake in the winter you can snowshoe for free. Just show up on Sunday morning and sign the list, they will then give you shoes and poles and take you on a ranger led snowshoe hike. Its a nice way to check out what it is like. Love your leaves.

  3. There was no snow here today in Indiana but it was cold and raining. Snow....probably in the near future.
    How is Luci doing with her back? I have been wondering.

  4. Your pictures are just beautiful!!!