Monday, October 29, 2012


Well, i have a urinary tract infection, again  (tmi?) and may have kidney stones!!!  Was told by another doctor that when i have that back pain to go to the ER and have a CT scan done. Really??  They are serious.  I thought people used the ER too much for non essential things.  They say that is what they are there for.The ER's.... hummmm. So i took the  antibiotics and after the 1st one i feel better already... the last two nights have been interesting to say the least.
Today i also attended a memorial service for one of my bosses where i used to work. Picked up my 'old' supv and we both went, there were a couple of other former, retired co-workers there too, it was fun to see them.  This boss, Allen, was the nicest, kindest man, he saved my job for me a couple of times, talked me off the ceiling, so to say. He had 5 kids, 8 grands... a life well lived.  He had been battling cancer for at least the last 10 years, sad..... It was an honor to be there for him.
Hope everyone on the East Coast and that general area gets thru this latest weather challenge. Am thinking of and praying for them all....
Take Care & God Bless All
Luci the same.... AND no Carl has another ear infection & needs more ear goo... is it just the time of year? the weather? the moon?  geez, enough already.......
AND the oil stove people will only deliver if you need at least 100 gallons!!!!!!!!!! that is over $400, what?  who has that much money for stove oil?  I only want to spend $200 a month or less, that is what i ended up using last year, what is wrong with that?  it is NOT like i live out of town and they have to drive a big distance, i am right in town, less than 3 miles from where they are, what is the big deal???? (how is that for a rant? )  looks like i am on a search for a new oil company......................


  1. Glad the antibiotics are making you feel better. But kidney stones - so not a good thing. Sure wish Luci was doing better. Skitz still wants to be picked up and put on the bed or couch but she made it up and down the steps by herself today. Scooter is the one with all the ear infections around our house. Another medication we keep on hand just in case. They have more meds than I do.

  2. Didn't think it was a rant. Let's see
    1. UTI and possible kidney stones
    2. loss of a special friend
    3. sick dog ( glad to hear she's doing better.
    4. Sick son
    5 and an oil company less than 3 miles from your house that won't deliver less than 100 gallons??

    Sweet Lady, you have a LOT on your platter at the moment. (and a UTI can make you pretty emotional too)

  3. Have you ever tried AZO? It is a bladder medication over the counter. You can get it at any pharmacy. It kind of numbs the bladder and when you start to get a UTI and can't get to the dr. it helps with the pain. Only problem it turns your urine orange, but I keep them with me all the time. I have kidney stones too.
    Sure hoping Luci was better. :(

  4. Well I messed up big time!! Now I know that Carl is a dog and not your son. Your little note to me was so nice and I didn't even do that right :( I hit the delete button in trying to figure out how to correct my mistake. I am so sorry and will be more careful with my writing in the future.
    Betty, From Milwaukie

  5. I hope the following days are uphill for you. You've had enough bad things going on. (((hugs)))