Friday, October 19, 2012

My Name

My Honey BooBoo name is 'Lovebug  Tan" or "Lulu Trouble"   Think both are the bomb!!  :)  did this because of Barb over at "Me and My Dog" and her blog yesterday :)
Yesterday went to a stamp club meeting and made two xmas cards, then came home and mowed the yard, getting up a BUNCH of leaves, then at 6:30p drove back into Bend to a stamp workshop and made 2 Fall cards and 3 more xmas ones,  i am about carded out  :) NO, never happen.  Love learning the new techniques and seeing all the new products available.
Today i got up and went to a Cenergy  class at the gym, a cross of yoga and pilates,  oh boy,  that was hard, could not do some of those things,  BUT did the best i could, HAHA!!! When i came home, Carl was outside!!! How did that happen, i must not have closed the back door..???  weird, he has learned to just bump himself out the screen door, but he can't get back in, wonder if he sat out there and barked to be let back in..stupid dog... just sitting out there, looking at me, like, 'glad you finally got home to let me in!!!'
Well, remember yesterday i mowed the lawn to pick up leaves, there are just as many out there again!!!  This time, will just leave them, until they are ALL down, then rake and bag...
We are cloudy and overcast today, still rather warmish out tho, saw a little rain droplets here and there while out this morning, but certainly nothing measurable...
Take Care All & God Bless, safe travels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Raking and bagging is GREAT exercise that's for sure. Kinda fun too I think especially if the leaves are pretty.

    We had beagles who could let themselves out and would scratch at the door trying to open it. So we put a screen door handle down low on the wooden screen door and they learned to grab it with their teeth and fling the door open and come back in. Carl is soooo cute, maybe he could learn that too.

  2. Before you know it, you're going to be teaching those card making classes. Carl is just too funny. I bet he was not happy that you took so long to let him in.

  3. If I would have read your previous blog, I would have been able to answer my own question about your cards. They are still lovely, and look to take lots of time and patience to make.