Monday, October 22, 2012

Newest Projects

 Cards made last Thursday evening....
Completed afghan, that took forever to finish, so it seems!!!!  But like the way it looks plaid... This is Mile-A-Minute pattern.....    (took longer than a minute)  Am glad it is completed.  I get so i can't stop and they take up my whole life, i HAVE to be working on them until they are done, it is crazy :) that behavior, not me..... hahahaha

Take Care all & God Bless


  1. Oh that afghan is going to keep somebody warm this winter. It is beautiful, and I too like the way it looks to be plaid. Do you also make the greeting cards? They are fantastic!!!

  2. The greeting cards are so pretty, with all the colors. I just finished a baby blanket in the mile a minute stitch.
    Have been working on a curly scarf and of course I need more yarn to finish it. I bought the yarn in Show Low I hope I can find it here.

  3. I LOVE the afghan - it's a great pattern - beautiful!! Love the cards too!

  4. I love your projects,you are very crafty! One of these days I want to learn to knit or crochet.