Friday, October 5, 2012

NO!! Picture!!!

This is off my phone!!!  How does that happen??.  She would not look at me, i know i have put one of these on here before, but think it is hilarious, that she will studiously ignore me, like i am not going to pay any attention to you so just PUT that camera down!!!
Had a very productive day, again, some days are like that, some not :)  Went to gym, did my thing, came home and cleaned house, it all is sparkly and smells of Pledge and PineSol, great smells!!!
Take Care All & God Bless!!!!


  1. How do they know???? Poppy also hates to have a camera pointed at her but sometimes I can sneak up on her.

  2. Effie, our wire haired doxie does the same thing. Isn't that funny

  3. I'm just playing catch up and enjoyed your last posts. I love your new shed, it looks really nice and will be a great place to store things for the garden or just to put away, out of the house. Love the yellow! You are really getting things done. :)

  4. Food always seems to do the trick in our house when I want a picture. They both ignore me most of the time.