Sunday, October 7, 2012


Just a relaxing day.  I like Sunday mornings for the Sunday paper and watching Sunday Morning on CBS (which i tape as it comes on at 6:30am! for goodness sake, this way i can watch it when i want :)  ) 
Worked in the garage, re-arranging things. Found 3 more boxes of old/big clothes.  Geez! Hope this is the last of them! Just going thru boxes and finding places for things or getting rid of...
Started another afghan and did not even have to buy alot of yarn because going thru things i found ALOT of leftovers and enough of Aran color to make something, when added with a light green.
Dogs were in and out. Had Luci tied up out in the garage with me for most of the day with the big door open as i was running about putting things in the shed or the garbage. Did not even cook, just had leftovers!!
Hope y'all had a good day too
Take Care and God Bless


  1. CBS Sunday Morning is one of the few things that I would watch on TV - haven't seen it since I sold the house. Wonder if I can watch it online?

  2. That CBS Sunday Morning show is one of the best things on TV.

  3. I will be facing sorting and donating when I get home. I hate that job. I am bringing so much home because of over flow from down sizing trailer this summer.

  4. Nice way to spend a lazy Sunday morning.