Saturday, November 10, 2012


BOND, James Bond...... Saw this in IMAX today, Oh, My Goodness, i LOVE IMAX!!!!  May become an IMAX junkie, if  i could afford to go all the time!!! It was LOUD and the picture is so sharp.  Will chose carefully which movies  i want to see in this format.  And the movie itself was really good, to my humble opinion... but have seen reviews that gave it 4 stars.... just to verify my opinion..:)   just enough violence, and it was not bloody violence, and time in between to catch your breath.... I of course loved Sean Connery as Bond, but had fallen off the wagon so to speak with all of the other ones, but Daniel Craig is just about perfect!!!!!  I mean really, the eyes, the mouth, the body... geez, need there be more?
Go see it, great entertainment!!!!!
The snow did not last long, just cold and now most is melted off, just enough here & there to remind a person it was here and could easily come back.. They have closed all the unnecessary passes in the mountains that they don't keep open, McKenzie and Century Drive. Hope they are getting enough for Mt B to open for Thanksgiving, so the season gets off to a good start.
Got Luci a sweater and she is NOT happy with it..her clothing status is a whole great story in and of itself :) I keep trying and she keeps saying, "I am a dog, for cripes sake!"  haha
Take Care All....stay warm!!!!


  1. It was on the list before, but now goes to the top:)

  2. Meesha LOVES her sweaters. Will basically come and let me know when she wants it on, will just sit by me shivering and shaking! Chanel likes hers too, but she always pulls her front legs out when she's sleeping, I think so she can really nestle herself in there, but then some sweaters are hard to get off her when she does that - little stinker!

  3. If you do not see the other Bond movies with Craig, you should rent them. He is a different Bond but very good!