Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Busy, Busy

Start of my dishes.....  Fiesta ware... have always wanted to have some of these.  Chose yellow as my house is yellow and aqua for a contrast, then went crazy with the Flamingo Pink!!!   They just looked like retro colors to me...  I have been looking at my cupboard prior to the little gathering of friends on Friday and i don't have anything with 6 of anything, not enough bowls for the curry.. So now i have a start to my dishes and enough dishes for what i am serving :)
I got up about 9 and prepared and put the turkey in the oven,  needed leftovers for the curry :) then i cleaned house, did a load of laundry, then to Bend for some shopping, the dogs were out of 'cookies' BRIAN indicated that a Sheldon bobble head would be 'cool' (Big Bang Theory..LOVE that show) and needed to get "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" for a child (still have to find the movie too) So off to Barnes and Noble, where i found MUCH more than i was looking for ")    Then to Wendy's for a small chili for lunch, then to Macy's for the dishes, then home...check on turkey, think i left it in too long...  sort of dry, but it will cook too with sauce and be fine.... one can hope.  another load of laundry.  Had to get those NASTY price stickers off the dishes, took forever!!!  Dinner, then tear apart and bag up turkey......  now i am lazying about, reading blogs and magazines, watching "Survivor"  hope they get rid of that Abby, she does nothing and whines all the time!
Sorry that Derek and Shawn did not win DWTS, but am glad that Melissa & Tony won,  it was a hard fight this season, but GREAT dancing!!!!
Oh, Luci went with me to Bend,  stayed in her bed with a towel over her, until i forgot to put my chili remains in garbage and came back to a torn apart mess, geez, will i NEVER learn and remember????
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. We were glad to see Tony and Melissa win, because they had never one. But boy Derek and Shawn did one unbelievable dance!!!

  2. I like your colorful dishes. I guess you can't blame Luci, the chili probably smelled really good to her.

  3. I can't blame Luci either, My favorite thing at Wendy's is a baked potatoe with chili and cheese on it. I tell Joe there is just something wrong with a square hamburger on a round bun. :)

  4. I've always liked Fiesta Ware - the colors are so cool. And I love Big Bang. That is such a great show. We have to always be on guard with the girls. They especially like to get into my purse. Chili would also be a great treat in their book. I was hoping Derek and Shawn would win but like you, glad it was Melissa & Tony. Such fantastic dancing this season.

  5. I had no idea they had come out with new fiesta wear. I thought you could only get it in antique or junque shops. Are those bowls on the right with the ridges fiesta too? I love your colors. Festive is right!!

    Hope you gave Luci some beano with her chili. Otherwise even Carl may not want to be around. :-))

  6. I,too, am a fan of Fiesta ware. I have all yellow. Guess I didn't think about making it multi-colored. Turkey curry sounds gand....

  7. I am glad to hear that you also like Survivor and DWTS. I love Derek and Shawn....and would have been happy if they won...but was ECSTATIC that Tony and Melissa won as they had never had the trophy...and he has been on 14 seasons. So, I was happy for him.

    As for Survivor and Abby....BLECH....she really irritates me!!

    Love the Fiesta Ware.....I am so tempted....especially after I saw them at Macy's.....but it's hard for me to justify.