Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We had frozen fog today... and were moving things from Brian's storage unit in Bend, lovely weather to be doing this in. Moving for me always falls on bitterly cold days or so hot you can't breathe!!  Why does it work out that way?  Got no pictures tho... He only has the big things left, that i am not much good with, hopefully he can get that taken care of soon and no longer have that monthly bill.
Been making cute little packets of hot chocolate for guests coming on Friday, it is a fun activity...  finished the afghan, have to get a pic of that, huh?  Feel at loose ends, have to start something else here soon, been working on afghans now for 2 months... have some sewing projects in mind and have to get at them, as need to send boxes away to far off places :)
Take Care All

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  1. I remember moving in Helena, MT in the midst of a snow storm with about six feet of snow on the ground. And I had wonderful friends who were out there with me. We really need to work on our moving time skills.