Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Picky Pups

I have spent the last 2 weeks with Luci Velcroed to me, now she feels MUCH better, bouncy even, and is not just laying there, but wants things her way.  I sit, watching/listening to TV and crochet.  With string/yarn. She apparently does not want the string to touch her!  She won't lay to the side,  but has to BE right in the middle of my lap! Soooo, the string has to come across her, every time the string drops down on her, she flinches, turns to look at me, like really? do u have to DO that? (oops--she jumped down, so now i will do the blog, about her, watch out of your ill behavior will be the basis of my blog!!!) Told her if she did not stop i would give her a pain pill and make her go to sleep :), Brian laughed at me.  She has just been most obnoxious all afternoon, barking at me, wants out, then in,  think she thinks that if she goes out to potty, i will then give her a 'cookie' for being such a good girl.... ho-ho, someone has the measure of someone around here :)  NOW she is in the bedroom, what is she doing in there?  The little poop.....  be nicer if i trusted her more,  but she gets into things, things that are precious to me and yummy to her.  Now she is in her little bed, maybe she is bored.... will give her a rawhide bone to chew on, she takes days to work on one of those!!!..............
The string thing is driving me crazy, apparently her too!!!
Haha, nothing else to talk about....
Take Care All..


  1. I am sooo happy Luci is feeling so much better. We're still giving Skitz pain meds so she's not real bouncy but a whole lot better than she was. Scooter is the one who wants in the middle of my lap. Skitz is willing to lay along side. So just think, you could have two stubborn German dogs.

  2. Glad she is on the mend!! Sorry for you that she is such a crank!!

  3. Good to hear she is feeling better.

  4. Well at least it's clear she's feeling better. Wonder what's up with her new tone?

  5. yay Luci! cranky is good when ya been feeling poorly ... haha