Friday, November 16, 2012

Socks & Risotto

 New socks! They are comfy too!! On sale at TJ Max.. Love that store....
This is perhaps a new low in blogging.. about socks??
Honest, nothing else going on and they are cute....
AND the risotto, 1st time i tried it. Supposed to be veggie risotto from a Vegetarian recipe book i got and have been poring over, in an effort to change the way i eat. Meat just does not agree with me. Tired of chicken too.
Was shopping at Safeway and could not find any rice that said 'risotto' on it, other than boxes and knew that is not what i wanted.  the cookbook never really explained what risotto rice was, just saying use rice, so i got some 'enriched calrose' maybe it is just the way it is cooked that makes it risotto, can anyone out there tell me?
Guess i just don't 'get' it.  but it was good, Made HUGE amount tho  (you just kept adding stuff & adding stuff )and am freezing a part of it.  Hope that does not ruin it.. Of course Brian had to leave before it was done, so he did not get any fresh.... and the beans were a little crunchy, but after they sat for awhile they got a little softer and better i think. 
Ready to try more recipes :)   Maybe, hopefully it will get better....
Take Care All


  1. I've never made risotto, but I always thought it was a very small pasta that is cooked very slowly - I could be wrong about this - that's just what I think.

  2. Love the socks. Kinda boring around here too!!! Should dust, but may wait until tomorrow~~~ smirk~~~

  3. I love risotto and have a great, easy recipe using my pressure cooker. The best rice is arborio. Very cute socks!

  4. Looks good what ever it is!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    I have been reading yours for some
    time now...
    nice socks!

  5. Risotto is rice than has been cooked long and slow and allows the starch to escape and form a sauce....I think you have to use aborio or other medium to long grain rice to get the right starch release.

  6. I recently bought some quinoa, but haven't tried it yet. The risotto looks interesting also. I need to put it on my "list". It looks great in the picture!
    Nice looking socks. Right now I am trying to finish up knitting the 2 pr I have been working on. Hand-knit socks are fantastic... but they do take qiute sometime to knit a pair.

  7. The dish looks very good. We've recently gone vegan and am always looking for new things.