Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

Spent a long time reading the BIG paper and watching Sunday Morning.  Then cleaned house and did crafting. Don't have my Christmas cards made yet, normally all done by this time!!!  Just pure laziness on my part (and time spent crocheting, which seems to take up a LOT of time)  Cooked up a spaghetti squash and small hubbard squash for eating this week, they smelled Divine!!
Last night watched 'Magic Mike' (don't bother) and "Savages"...not sure about this one, it was pretty gross.... do you think things like that really happen?  in the cartel? or with marijuana, growing and selling??? That is WAY beyond my frame of reference or comfort zone!!!
Take Care and God Bless All


  1. Haven't seen either one of them and definitely don't plan on either one of them now.

  2. i don't spend much time watching tv OR reading papers. I try to read something that is will inspire, encourage or teach me something. I do watch favorite old movies from time to time :)

  3. No fair, you cleaned? Now I have to compete!! We spent the afternoon watching the GB Packers beat Detroit!! Happy week!! PS I'm in my own little world and wouldn't get those movies either!!!

  4. I have a really hard time with violent
    movies, partly because I am afraid
    what is happening to that person
    on TV as "actually" happened to someone in real life. There are so many bad things out there now, I have to try and focus on the good. For my own sanity.