Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weird Things?

Here are the 10 bags of leaves, another is out by the pick-up. That is as far as i could go with it!! Took me like 3 hours to do! Sat and rested alot.  There were many leaves between the fence and the side of the shed too,THAT was fun, to get those out, because if u are going to do a job, might as well do it right, right??? And the dogs, geez, they cried because i was out there, then brought them out with me and cried because they wanted in... What DO they want???
Had the nails done again and wanted something different, BUT don't think i like these,  do not want to look trashy and a friend said they looked Goth, really?  They sort of have a sparkle to them too, very light tho.. something for the holidays, but think will just go back to the 'regular' French tip, being white, next month...maybe just have not gotten used to them?  don't know  (these are my own nails with shellac polish on them, it lasts about a month for me-apparently i don't do alot :) to mess them up)
This is a Christmas ornament made at a Stampin Up workshop on the 27th..... this is one side, another will be made and go on the back of this one...  it was quite fun to do, if not tedious to die cut each piece, because, of course a person has only one die to use!!!! and you have to have 15!!!! of each shape!!  Yes, it was fun to see it come together....
Hope You All had a great day...   Take Care & God Bless


  1. Another reason I like the desert - no leaves to rake. Our girls do the same thing - they want out but then they want right back in and they want us to come in with them. Drives me crazy. Finally took Skitz to the vet. She had a fever so they had to do blood work to find out why. Sure hope it's not Valley Fever. She's on four pills twice a day now.

    Love that ornament. It's beautiful.

  2. Just wanted to say Hello! Also, to let you know I'm your latest follower:) That Stampin Up ornament is very pretty; but looks like a LOT of work. I've gone to a few of those parties but never really got into them that much ~ but I do love the results people get. My daughter and her friends are big into it. I'm too impatient.

  3. You sure are busy Loree! That's a lot of raking. And the Christmas decoration is really lovely. Very talented!!

  4. Love the ornament. My vote is still out on the you, not too sure. But mixing things up once in a while is good!!! Keeps you young!