Sunday, December 2, 2012


 A "Beavers" tree!!!  There wasn't a "Ducks" one this year!!??

Well, Brian had a friend help him move all of the heavy bulky things out of his storage, and i can say, finally, it is empty, saving him  $100 per month.  BUT my garage is a holy mess... Hope he gets out there sorting thru things without too much nagging on my part.  He admonished me before leaving tonight to NOT throw anything away!!!  And boy howdy there are some things out there that are OLD!!!!  A puzzle of a huge sailing ship, all modge podged together that my sister-in-law put together probably 125 years ago!  What sentimental value does that have for him?  Except it was hung in the hallway of our mobile home for years.  He is definitely worse than i m about keeping things given to him.  Dad was the same way.  He had a huge BARN filled with things, the barn burned  a couple years prior to their moving into town, is the only reason we did not have to go thru those things too!! when closing their house.
Lots & lots of childhood things, even toys.... A box of rocks, well i can't fault him for that, as i have carted rocks around from place to place for quite sometime now  :)  They have special memories of 'places' visited, don't you know???  Well, i suppose he got that from me too.... BUT i am getting better..somewhat...   I have gotten rid of LOTS of things in the move from the mobile home 7 years ago and then the move to this house 18 months ago.  PLUS there are all of those clothes i was forced to let go of here lately  :)
Well all i can say to sum this all up is that i suppose, if pressed, 'the nut does not fall from from the tree'  hahaha.... (I am sure my friend Carol in Iowa is rolling on the floor with laughter.  She is always saying she would love to go thru my house and organize :)
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. This could be an application for the hoarder show:)

  2. It is amazing the stuff we hang on to, and the reasons for keeping it. I am learning to simplify, but it is a s-l-o-w process!!

  3. Everyone always says they felt so much better when they got rid of all their "stuff". It's just the doing of it that is hard.

  4. WHAT- no DUCK tree...the nerve!!! Oh well, the Beavs did okay this year so kudos to them.

    Might look through some of those toys carefully. Vintage toys can be worth something if they are the right item. Check on E-Bay. Don't think there is much of a market for modge-podged puzzles though LOL!!

  5. Just getting caught up, Loree, and laughed out loud at the Beaver's Christmas tree. Also, I was a soil scientist, and rocks are very meaningful to me. when the government moved me from Coeur D Alene to Klamath Falls in 2002, my moving costs included about 1800 pounds of rocks. yes rocks. I let the government move them. Now of course, I have to move them myself. Won't be going anywhere soon, but rocks and gardens are some of the reasons I wouldn't want to full time.