Thursday, December 6, 2012

Luci, Nails & Xmas!

 Luci is doing really well..  Hopefully everything is gone and nothing will recur.
Here she is sacked out on the arm of the chair i am sitting in... her 'normal' place

Are you takin' pictures of me again??   STOP

(this happened right after the flash of the camera)

My new manicure.  A little edge for Xmas with the one red one!!  Was SO glad to get rid of those black tipped ones!!!  Got tired of those fast...

Below is one of the Festival Trees with a beach theme. It was really pretty!

Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Luci and Skitz definitely could be sisters. They just have to be curled up next to you. Beautiful tree.

  2. I really love the manicure, and the red one is a nice touch for the holidays.

  3. So glad to hear Lucid is doing well. Divas don't like paparazzi don'tchaknow. ";-))