Saturday, December 1, 2012

Movie Review

What are these? Bell chimers? They were pretty good, but VERY intent.  Also a great looking Santa, who appeared a little too warm  :)

Saw "Anna Karenina" today.....hmmmmmm...i know the story basically so knew what i was in for.. did not really know all the 'ins & outs' tho.  BUT it was done like it was a stage play sort of.  Now i like unusual concepts and story lines that are different & interesting, and am willing to accept this, but have to say that this was a little weird/disconcerting.  Not sure i liked it...
Got a wreath at Costco to put on Mom & Dad's plot/stone today...Mom would always start decorating the 1st of Dec.....
Got out of there fairly cheaply this time, thank heavens, lots of people there too, guess as it is the 1st....
Also went to the Festival of Trees put on by Hospice, this evening they have a BIG gala and auction off the decorated trees, but during the morning and early afternoon it is open Free to the public and a great place to go see the differently decorated trees.  It is always a nice way to start off the Holiday Season.  This year things seemed to be not as many or as lush as past years tho, and no wreaths this year, altho there were stockings.....  Will have pictures on the blog here and there this month of pics i took in there  :)
Hope all is well with everyone....
Take Care & God Bless


  1. Very serious bell ringers they have there in Sunriver! :)

  2. Yes, Santa has some very rosy cheeks!

  3. I think I'd be concentrating too if I had that many bells in my hands. I always enjoy the bells and wonder how they can pull it off. Must take a lot of practice.

  4. Forgot to ask you how is Luci doing now. Hope all is healing ok.