Friday, December 14, 2012


 We've got SNOW this morning.  Had to go out for a blood draw prior to having any breakfast, boy, they took alot too.  Guess 9 months is a big blood draw.... The clouds are really low and dark grey like snow clouds are. But it is not coming down heavy, just sort of blowing about, BUT i bet the mountains are getting it, and that is a good thing!!! I don't have to go up there.
 Also have to tell you all that i broke the 200# barrier- down to 198 as of my check up on Wednesday!!  It was SO exciting.... have now lost 144#.  Can now go to the bottom of the Grand Canyon on a donkey if i so desire!!!  (they have a weight limit of 200#)  Two of my goals met, wanted to be able to take that ride if i wanted to and to be below that at my check-up this month, BP was 104/70!!!!  It is a GOOD Thing!!!
looking out my front window......  Have GOT to get to the sewing today, won't take long, just getting everything out and set up  :(                    ........  
People say they like my micro-wave peanut brittle,  (and it is not even mine, got the recipe from friend, Jane) and have had some good batches over the years. Brian says that it tastes a little burned, but it did not keep him from eating a bunch of it!!!  BUT don't think it would be considered good or the best by any stretch :)  Barb at "Me & My Dog" said she liked good brittle, well, i would not say that this is good, by any stretch of the imagination.
Take Care All...may you all have access to good brittle!!

Want to send prayers and hope to the people in Connecticut, what a horrific tragedy......what is wrong with people???  a grade school for heavens sake???  Just take your life, but little children?  what is wrong with people and the state of the world when people think this is an alternative to life & living????


  1. I bet Luci wasn't happy with the snow this morning. I can't quit crying for those poor parents in Connecticut. What a horrible, horrible tragedy.

  2. Congrats on your weight loss!!! That is no easy task...I know!!!

  3. Yeaaa, SNOW! I'm jealous - but don't want snow while I'm living in The Palms, of course.

    That's a fabulous amount of weight you've lost, and you are so much healthier, too. You have good reason to be very proud of yourself. Most of us don't have that kind of control over ourselves, that's for sure. (At least, I don't.)

    I'll bet your peanut brittle was fab. I'll eat microwave popcorn if it's a little burned. Are you going to publish the recipe? I'd love a good microwave recipe for peanut brittle. :)

  4. We had a few minutes of hail here but no snow!!

  5. A very big congratulations on getting below 200 pounds, Loree. That is quite an accomplishment! I hope to reach that goal some day. We are safely beyond the snow area now, but I think snow is pretty as long as I don't have to drive in it!

  6. Congratulations on the weight loss.

  7. I can tell you are feeling as good as you are looking. Keep up the good work, you are on a roll now. Those are both great numbers.

  8. You sure look happy in that portrait. Congrats to you!

  9. Good for you Loree! That is quite a weight loss.
    That is just enough snow to be able to enjoy it. We have had lots of rain here and the temps are in the mid 50's right now. I hear there is snow mountians.