Thursday, December 13, 2012

Some Days...

Well, decided to make peanut brittle for friends, who like it and burned both batches,  new micro wave that have not used b4 to make this and had a hard time with the 80% power, even read the directions!!!! Don't know how it tastes, as i don't like peanut brittle, never have... one thing i don't care for :) but it is too dark and sort of smells burned, so hope they like it!!!  Hahaha..
THEN got out my little Healthy Choice turkey medallions and sweet potatoes TV dinner, which i really DO like and there were only 2 pieces of turkey,  two!!! in the whole thing.. LOTS of sweet potatoes... that has never happened b4... am i lucky or what? Oh, and there was a stem!!!!  bean stem (there were green beans too) about 4 inches long, no doubt what that was.... probably to provide some fiber for the loss of the turkey medallions missing....
So, hope you all had a good day!
I am not even going to try to sew.....
Take Care and God Bless


  1. I'm not much for peanut brittle either although I LOVE peanuts. You are a real friend to make something that difficult for folks.

  2. I'm also not crazy about peanuts or peanut butter, but anything with chocolate and pecans is just about perfect.

  3. I love those Healthy Choice meals! used to eat 'em all the time before I started traveling ...LOVE sweet potatoes

    making peanut brittle and you don't like peanut brittle... hahaaaa... no wonder you burned the batches ...make 'em brownies!

    very pretty tree or centerpiece ... ;)

  4. I DO like peanut brittle and I didn't even try to make some this year because I would have a hard time keeping from sampling too much of it. Those Healthy Choice dinners are good and help control my calories, but it does seem like they are getting smaller and smaller with their portions of meat.

  5. I really like a GOOD peanut brittle, but they are had to find. Good ones, I mean.

    I love Healthy Choice, too. A few years ago I joined Jenny Craig (then quit - it was just too expensive). I mentioned to my "counselor" that I liked Healthy Choice dinners and she said, "SSSHHHH! They are our biggest competitor!" Yeah, and very tasty and a lot cheaper. I always have a few in my freezer, and love the turkey ones. I like the turkey dinner with the stuffing and apple dessert. I add a salad or other veggie and it's a great dinner. :)