Tuesday, December 25, 2012

To Sisters

 Here is my little Nativity set, cute, huh???
And the tree in my front yard with snow and ice on it!!
Had to take down my little Xmas tree this morning as it was dried up, completely!!!  Don't feel so bad now that the guy i got it from thought i wasn't paying enough, as i got him down $5 from what he was asking, for a tree that goes stone dead in a week and a half!!!!  I mean it was brown!!! Just all of a sudden too. It was weird...

Going to go to Wal-Mart tomorrow and get some ornament boxes as that Xmas 'stuff' needs going through and organized!!!
 Here is the City Park in Sisters...looks different in the Winter than the Summer

This was on the way to Sisters this morning about 11:30a. I had planned on seeing Les Miserables on Christmas  Day.   Decided to NOT let the snow change or hinder my plans  :)  had no probs at all.  Boy what an emotion charged movie that is, cried in a number of places!!  But liked it alot. Hugh Jackman was beyond good/wonderful/spectacular....
Here is a picture of me in the front yard  :)
We have had a very quiet time of it here..... 
Take Care All


  1. Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for sharing the pictures of Sisters. Quite a bit of snow there and also at your house. All we got was rain and more rain. Have enjoyed a quiet day at home.

  2. Love seeing your snow. 75 degrees here, we were in the water at Caspersen beach. Gorgeous first picture. Hope you don't mind, I saved it to my desktop. Just beautiful. Merry Christmas!

  3. I'll have to put that movie on my list of must-sees. I've never seen Sisters in the snow--beautiful! Merry Christmas, Loree!

  4. Never seen that much snow in Sisters. Just beautiful. The park sure looks different from what it did last summer. Glad you had a good day and made it to your movie.

  5. A white Christmas indeed. Looks beautiful.

    I am watching people play in the sea.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas for what is left of the day, and a Happy New Year.


  6. Merry Christmas night, Loree. Looks like you had a white Christmas too. So pretty. I too loved that first picture.

  7. Merry Christmas. My friends went to see Les Miz today and loved it. Snow is beautiful but I just wish it could be around when it's warmer. LOL

  8. Hope to visit Sisters next summer. If we do everything we have in mind next summer, it might take three years! But we will certainly do some of it!

  9. Your snow looks so very pretty.
    did you make the little nativity? so cute. Hope the rest of this holiday season is Merry.