Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Today's Special Visitors

 My sweet niece, Sacia, is up from Yucaipa, CA visiting relatives for the Holidays.  Her Mom was here too, but i neglected to get a picture of her!!!
We had a good visit, this time i had TOYS for Chloe to play with :)  which is a good thing as she is very busy and determined to do things HER way.  It is so good to see them.
Sacia is teaching 5th grade this year.....

 Chloe will be two in February....
She needs to look at and inspect everything, the dogs were thrilled with her as she is just their height!!!!
I am sort of holding her down here, haha, she was so over having her picture taken and definitely was NOT going to smile anymore....
A good day.....
Take Care & God Bless!!!!


  1. Chloe is adorable. I SO understand that active age since our granddaughter will be two in April. Very hard to get a picture of a moving target!

  2. what a cutie! Oh, and Chloe is really cute too. I love that you are putting more and more photos of yourself in your blog. How long has it been for you, Loree. It must be amazing for you to find this whole new person inside that is showing now in such a different way. take care

  3. The pictures clearly show clearly beautiful girls. LOVE those tights that Chloe has on. Do you suppose they come in our size. I'm up to wearing them. How about you??

  4. What a beautiful little girl - and her eyes are gorgeous!

  5. Chloe is so cute...and so are those leggings. Little girls are so cute in them with their tiny little legs.

  6. My how Chloe has grown. What a pretty little girl. And you look fabulous. You look so much younger.